Will Warhammer Online Gold Be Available For Sale?

Many Warhammer Online players in the open beta or the head start program are already impatiently waiting for sellers to carry Warhammer gold. When a game is first released it usually takes an average store about 2 weeks before they are able to supply any type of gold. Even if the store has them by then, it would not be in high abundance for the entire market and the price for the gold itself would be pretty hefty due to the high demand. It is obvious having more gold than another player in the game can yield great benefits, especially when you are in a realm vs. realm situation. Your goal is be able to maximize your gears quick and head out and destroy your enemies.

Warhammer Online is currently the most highly anticipated massively multiplayer role playing game for the last 2 years. Experts expect it to be a great battle against the current king of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft currently holds 10 million subscribers world wide uoking. Warhammer Online is expected to have close to half that population. At this point, Warhammer Online is still a long battle away but has a great advantage going their way.

The advantage Warhammer Online has is the long history of a successful MMORPG in the past, Dark Age of Camelot. Dark Age of Camelot has dropped in subscriber base heavily over this year, but we’re almost certain those players will be moving to the new Warhammer game. Another great advantage is that Warhammer Online will have a realm vs realm system that World of Warcraft was unsuccessfully able to create. World of Warcraft player vs player system could not compare to what Dark Age of Camelot has and what Warhammer will enhance to their previous system.

World of Warcraft gold prices will probably not be able to drop down too much anymore as many of the current Chinese farmers will be moving to a new game to profit off of. You can expect Warhammer Online to have a great market for the Chinese farmers. That will also include an abundance of Warhammer gold that will be available for sale. Mythic has never quite been fully against players selling their currencies, at least not for Dark Age of Camelot plats. We hope Mythic also now known as EA Mythic will be just as lenient towards players that are interested in purchasing and selling gold for Warhammer. Even if they should be against players selling, Chinese farmers will yet continue to provide gold to players as it is difficult to constitute and prevent their actions.

There are many Chinese farmers that uses illegal techniques of obtaining gold but yet there are always some that will follow the game and will only use legal methods of grinding for gold. Beware of who you purchase the gold friend. Often, the lower the price, the riskier it is to make that purchase. Always choose a more prestigious store over a store providing a cheaper price. Use services your friends have used to avoid risking your account getting banned.


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